(WARNING - Contains Some VERY ADULT Humour)

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Aquilira (What a lanky, bony, mess of a woman)
Aquilira 2 (Apparently her lace came undone)
Beckham (David's book promotion from 2004)
Bush (The president making a monkey of himself)
Convenient (German efficiency extended to toilets)
DAD!! (I had a bump with the car on the way home tonight)
Honey! (We're all packed for the weekend.)
Hot Hatch (Budget body kit to make your Corsa look good)
I.T. (Typical computer geek t-shirt)
King Commute (I wonder how long it takes him?)
Lego Chairman (From the company report 2006)
Lightning (Never strikes the same place twice)
Look Before You Look (Ouch!)
Low Flyer (Apparently grouse are not the only low flyers)
Man In A White Van (Calling plumbers everywhere)
Michael Schumacher (And his quest for World Domination)
My Dad (The man I get all my brains from)
OOPS 1 (All personnel need a fork-lift training course)
OOPS 2 (The end of a perfect day)
OOPS 3 (Whoa there boys!)
OOPS 4 (I never tire of motor racing)
Picture (Paints a thousand words)
Proof (Well partly anyway - it's not exactly the woods)
Pursuit (Who is chasing who?)
Sid Vicious (His gran speaks out about his life)
The Kiss I (Nothing to do with Gustav Klimt)
The Kiss II (STILL nothing to do with Gustav Klimt)
There Could Be Trouble Ahead.. (there could be moonlight etc.)
To Let (Holiday caravan away from everything)
Traffic Cop (You just never know do you?)
Village Life (Sign of the times)
Women (They will never trust anyone will they?)
Ugly? (Or is beauty STILL in the eye of the beholder?)
Yuck! (You say tomato....)

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2004 (This must be the end of the year)
Apricot Hunt (Beats looking for Easter Eggs)
Beach Scene (How times have changed)
Bearly Acceptable (What else is there to do in the woods?)
Darling.. (Could you or your sister get me beer pl..OH MY GOD!) (New in-flight entertainment package announced)
Harvey's Bristol Cream (The perfect way to relax)
Honda (New Honda generator ad campaign gets under way)
IKEA (Who said all their stuff was crap?)
Look! (Never seen dual carburettors like that before)
Maps Grief (Ordnance Survey giveaways made wrong way round)
Malcolm McDowell (Mother releases baby pictures)
Perfect Woman (If you are a breast lover)
Perish The Thought (It hurts just to think about it)
Scandinavia (If the Baltic Sea is the arse of the world, then Sweden is half-way up it!)
Sight Test (T-shirt to help you read better)
Thing (Me a thong)
Vorsprung Durch Technique (Not TECHNIK as they say in Germany)
WOW! (Look at the bazookas on this girl)

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