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The Sunday Times Educational Supplement

"The most fun you can have with your right hand
without opening your trousers"
Daily Star

For your amusement and general titillation!!
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Hi! This is me - the rebel!

The Music You Hear

MIDI version of PARANOID by Black Sabbath. One of the most influential bands in the late 60's and early 70's, and one of Rebel's fave bands.

To stop it playing press the ESCape key.

The lyrics are HERE.

PS if you don't know what MIDI stands for,
you are too young for this site.

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"So dark is the con of man"
could also be -
"Sodar Kist Heco Nofman",
but then my name is not Robert Langdon is it?
(Or am I???)

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Just In Case You Didn't Know....

A Croft is a small Scottish farm.

'Rebel Without A Croft' is a play on the name of the film 'Rebel Without A Cause'. (James Dean - deceased.)

Rebel without a Craft on the other hand, is some gadjee with no trade.

Rebel without a Nose? Well that's just plain stupid!


David Blunket is definitely NOT a family man.
He hasn't seen his son for years, and claims to his wife he is not seeing any women at the moment either.

So, here goes ....
Rebel Screen Saver
To download, right click on the following link and
select 'Save Target As'
Or click HERE

Secret Bit! If you see this it means you have swiped the cell with your moosey thing, because you are a nosey git and wondered why the hell there would be a gap here, thus spoiling the perfect symmetry of the web page. So now you know you nosey bar steward..

If you see this symbol it means a link to a NON Rebel site. We do vet them but cannot be responsible for some of the utter crap that appears on the internet!! You will not see this symbol on the links pages because I couldn't be arsed copying and pasting them. REBEL


There IS a croft by the way, so no need for offers of accommodation, overnight, permanent or temporary thank you very much all the same.

No matter how gorgeous and good looking I am.

Or you for that matter!!
(Unless you are Nigella Lawson.)

By the way, I am a Scottish ex-pat, so be prepared for me to be ever so slightly biased towards my home country. ;O)

animated scottish flag
By The Way
The very best of luck to Ghana England in the World Cup

What the hell is this all about? When you find out - let me know.
Who is the rebel? Who is he not? There is a bit of a rebel in all of us I think.
Where does he live? Here and there!
Why does this site exist? Dunno!

So - what will I find here?

- An irreverent look at life
- funny articles
- jokes
- cartoons
- lots of information about
          the Universe
               and Everything

I was dumb and didn't see the menu at the top of the page, so, where do I start?

Here probably....


PS - Don't ask why there is no border down the right hand side
I haven't a clue!

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PARANOID by Black Sabbath
(MIDI file available HERE)

Finished with my woman 'cause she couldn't help me with my mind
people think I'm insane because I am frowning all the time
All day long I think of things but nothing seems to satisfy
Think I'll lose my mind if I don't find something to pacify

Can you help me occupy my brain?
Oh yeah

I need someone to show me the things in life that I can't find
I can't see the things that make true happiness, I must be blind

Make a joke and I will sigh and you will laugh and I will cry
Happiness I cannot feel and love to me us so unreal

And so as you hear these words telling you now of my state
I tell you to enjoy life I wish I could but it's too late

REBEL NOTE: "It is NEVER too late"

YES there REALLY have been that many visitors to Rebel.


This is NOT some random bar code for Heinz Beans.
Big Brother IS watching you and is counting every
mucky image you look at. (Then, after you have
gone off to bed, he is down-loading them
and having a great time using your
broadband account for free!!!!)


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